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Latest installers and release notes.


Release date: 7 June 2018

The latest release of NCG CAM is available for download using the link below.

NCG CAM requires a 64 bit operating system, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are the supported operating systems.

Full installers.

NCGCAM 64bit installer full download
Download the 64 bit - Full installer

Save the file to a known folder, once downloaded double click on the downloaded file and follow the installer instructions.
A new licence for a major release, but not for a point release.

To save the file to a known folder:
Mouse right and pick Save link as... (Firefox) or Save target as... (IE).
Browse to a suitable folder and click Save.
Once downloaded, go to the folder you saved it to and double click on it.
Follow the prompts that appear.

Release notes.

release notes
Release notes for v16.0.04
- Downloadable pdf.

Older release notes for reference.

Release notes for v16.0.00 and v16.0.01 - Downloadable pdf.
Release notes for v16.0.02 - Downloadable pdf.
Release notes for v16.0.03 - Downloadable pdf.